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Below are some of the most powerful films and sites that have great impact: 

RP Roundtable: Is there a lack of responsibility in collegiate athletics?

Tebow joins the set

Reversing the Culture of Detrimental Behavior in NCAA Football Programs
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Humility & Leadership: A life's body of work

Study Shows Black Men Live Longer In Prison Than Out

At BCS schools, players tend to pursue same major

Exceptional Leadership, TD Jakes

10 Attitudes for Leadership Part 1

10 Attitudes for Leadership Part 2

10 Attitudes for Leadership Part 3

Colin Powell's 13 rules of leadership

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr--Greatness through service

"Bring your 'A' Game"--A ground breaking documentary film that sheds light on the resilience and influence of black males.

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"Men to Boys--101 Things Every Boy of Color Should Know"

"A War for Your Soul"

and further commentary on this short film can be found at

The Black Male Dropout Rate

New Book Offers Blueprint for Transforming Dropout Factories Into High Achieving Schools

"Over Incarcerate Under Educate"

I Have A Dream